Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hudson's First Birthday Party

I love throwing parties, but we live in such a small house, it's not very conducive for hosting lots of people.  But now that the weather is getting nicer (Whohoo!!) we can entertain on our back deck.  So for Hudson's 1st birthday, I am doing a Night Owl pajama party. Here is the design I came up with. (I had waaaayy to much fun with this!) And who doesn't love owls? They are just so cute! I'm having my good friend, Krissy, from Little Photography Shack come and take pictures.  I will be posting them on here after the party.  By the way, I have this design available for sale in my etsy shop (well I'm using the term "shop" loosely since its the only item I have in there yet...there are more designs to come).


  1. I love your work! I'm in love with the owl printables/design. I was thinking of purchasing it on etsy but the link to etsy doesn't work and I can't seem to find your shop on etsy. Let me know if I can still purchase this. Thanks

  2. Amy, thank you so much! My etsy listing had expired so I relisted it and now the link should work. Let me know if you have any problems with it. I look forward to hearing from you!!