Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall decor using baby food jars

I have been collecting baby food jars for the past few weeks, because I just KNEW I would use them for something! They had been sitting on my counter when alas, I got an idea! Here's what I did:

4 empty baby food jars
vinyl letters (or you could probably use paper and mod podge it)

1. Make sure the baby food jars are clean. Use Goo Gone to get all of the stickiness off.

2. Use your cricut (or print off, trace and cut letters by hand)to cut out the letters, f,a,l and l. Make sure to reverse the image!!

3. Stick the letters on the inside of the jars. Smooth out with your fingers, making sure there are no gaps for the paint to seep under.

4. Paint the inside of the jars. Do about 2-3 coats.

5. Tie twine around the top (I used strips of burlap because that's all I had and it worked just fine)

You could also do this for Valentines Day (Do "LOVE" or "XOXO") or Christmas (Joy,Peace, etc.) The possibilities are endless!!

I plan to get some battery operated tea lights to put inside. (I'm not brave enough to put real ones because I'm not sure if the paint is flammable!)

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